PT6A Fuel Nozzles

Heritage Turbines Fuel Nozzle Recertification, Exchange Kits and Gasket Kits

We will Recertify your Fuel Nozzles 

Our recertification procedure accomplishes the following:

  • Cleaning
  • Flow Check
  • Inspection for Damage
  • Tip Replacement (if necessary during a leak and flow check)
  • Full Compliance with M.O.R.E. Program Requirements
  • One Day Turn Time and Exchanges Available
  • A.O.G. or special requests are always accommodated

Fuel Nozzle Exchange Kits available for most PT6A Engines.

We also offer Fuel Nozzle Gasket Kits for all PT6 Engines.

FN-100 Gasket Kit –
PT6A-11,11AG,15AG,21,25,27,28,34,34AG, 34B,36,110,112,114,114A,116,135,135A
Included Parts:
14 ea. CA3029566 Fuel Nozzle Gaskets
60ea. AS3209-009 O’Rings (4extra)
2ea. AS3208-04 O’Rings
2ea. MS9058-04 Backings
FN-200 Gasket Kit –
PT6A-38,40,41,41AG,42,45,45A,45B,45R,50, 60,65AG,65AR,65B,65R,67B,67D, 67P

Included Parts:
14 ea. MS95371-06 Gasket
60 ea.AS3209-009 O’Rings (4 extra)
2 ea. MS9058-04 Backings
2 ea. As3208-04 O’Rings

Heritage Turbines helps our PT6 operators reduce their maintenance costs with services such as our P-3 Filter Overhauls and cost effective PT6 repairs. Our skilled technicians, commitment to quality, fair pricing and fast turn around time help keep your equipment producing revenue. Try us once and you’ll be a client for life. Call us today at 1-888 NOZZLE1 (888-669-9531).