PT6 Engine Repairs

Heritage Turbines offers PT6A engine repairs and inspections

Power Section Inspections and Repairs

  • 8000 Hour Bushing Inspections
  • Prop Strikes
  • Lightening Strikes
  • Torque System
  • PT Disc Changes

Gas Generator Repairs

  • FOD repairs
  • Compressor Rotor Disc Changes

Accessory Gearbox Repairs

  • Starter Generator Gear shaft Replacement
  • Carbon Seal Replacement
  • Oil Systems

Additional Services

  • On Condition Maintenance Programs
  • M.O.R.E. program requirements
  • Vibration Correction
  • Service Bulletins
  • AD compliance
  • Full Hot Section inspection Compliance Blade Stretch Inspection

Engine Overhaul Management Service

  • Professional engine overhaul management saves you money
  • We offer on site (overhaul facility) review of rejected parts
  • Analysis of overhaul facilities “build to” specifications
  • Advise on repairing or replacing rejected parts
  • Did your engine “just pass” the test cell run or was it the “comfort range”
  • Advise on warranty considerations