PT6A Duplex Fuel Nozzles

Heritage Turbines Fuel Nozzle Recertification, Exchange Kits and Gasket Kits

Our recertification procedure accomplishes the following:

  • Cleaning
  • Flow Check
  • Inspection for Damage
  • Tip Replacement (if necessary during a leak and flow check)
  • Full Compliance with M.O.R.E. Program Requirements
  • One Day Turn Time and Exchanges Available
  • A.O.G. or special requests are always accommodated

Fuel Nozzle Exchange Kits available for most PT6A Engines.

We also offer Duplex Fuel Nozzle Gasket Kits for all PT6 Engines.

FN-200 Duplex Gasket Kit –
PT6A-38,40,41,41AG,42,45,45A,45B,45R,50, 60,65AG,65AR,65B,65R,67B,67D,67P

Included Parts:
14 ea. MS95371-06 Gasket
60 ea.AS3209-009 O’Rings (4 extra)
2 ea. MS9058-04 Backings
2 ea. As3208-04 O’Rings